Aesthetic Ceramics

Lithium disilicate enables the fabrication of single monolithic restorations. The innovative ceramic provides highly aesthetic results and compared to other glass ceramics, Has 2.5 to 3 times the resistance.

The zirconia substructure, can also be used for bridges in the posterior sectors. The material is processed in the laboratory using Press or CAD/CAM technology. Years of clinical experience demonstrate the 500 MPa strength of lithium disilicate. Because of their high strength, the restorations offer flexible cementation options. Depending on the patient’s requirements, restorations can be highly esthetically coated, or be painted, if made totally anatomically. All-ceramic restorations can also be made in case of dark stumps (e.g., due to discoloration or in case of titanium abutments). By communicating the color of the abutment to the laboratory, the dental technician can choose lithium disilicate with the necessary opacity so that natural aesthetics can be restored.

The lack of metal allows us to create the transparencies and more closely mimic the tissues of natural teeth with an excellent result.

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