Cad Cam + 3D


he CAD-CAM department makes compatibility its point of excellence.

Through milling processes and the use of CAD-CAM technologies, it is possible to produce semi-finished components intended for the dental sector in different types of materials. The production process involves scanning and digitizing the model, verifying the passivity of the future structure, and finally manufacturing it with 5-axis dynamic machines with high precision and repeatability. Available materials: Zirconium Dioxide – PMMA – Titanium – Chrome Cobalt – PEEK


The aid of intraoral scanning systems has made it possible to simplify the sending of “impressions – STL files” to the laboratory, speeding up and modernizing the repeatability of processes and offering a wide range of resolutions including prosthetic in both clinical and laboratory settings, providing the following advantages:

by sending files in real time, models can be developed directly while also eliminating transportation time by using the 3D printer.

The ability to be able to save files in an archive eliminates issues related to lost impressions, imperfections or casting of patterns.

Thanks to a predefined Setting, the laboratory produces an artifact of high precision and quality.

a digital file can be reproduced in a number of copies that are always identical, even after a period of time.

Eco sustainability
thanks to this new technology, the production of non-recyclable waste (alginates, silicones and chalky materials) is decreased, and the need to sanitize the impression trays is eliminated, which is a great benefit to the environment.

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