Who we are

3D Dental Project combines experience and technology aiming at one direction…to propose a service that combines skills, quality and expertise in all areas starting from orthodontics, aesthetics, fixed/mobile prosthetics, dental photography completing all the needs, of modern dentistry.

Our experience of more than 20 years in the industry has ensured that we create a laboratory that is in step with the times.

We specialize in cosmetic, removable and fixed prosthetics.

Our knowledge is the basis of the technologies we use; milling machines, 3D programs, cad design.

One day with dental female technican in his laboratory.
One day with dental female technican in his laboratory.

This laboratory complements the requirements of all dental practices by also having an Orthodontics department. These productions are created in-house, thanks to the presence of a professional Team.

Our technicians with 20 years of experience will be able to help various specialists solve from everyday cases, to more complex ones, thanks to their presence in the area and constant relationship with dental offices.

3D Dental Project, based at 50 Motta Street in Lugano-Massagno, offers a unique service, namely photographic documentation. A trained photographer will follow up on cases by creating a report that will give your firm a different, intuitive, and very modern way of communicating.

At the operations center, there is the training room, which has wi-fi and a television set. This choice was made to create a Training zone, where courses will be created for everyone to improve knowledge and techniques.

The first dental photography courses were very successful in terms of enrollment; the course resulted in all participants composing a complete photographic status of the patient. The professionals who participated now intuitively and easily compose a different report, a comprehensive discussion with the patient, who today feels increasingly at the center of a project

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Dental Laboratory

Specializing in Dental Prosthetics, Orthodontics, Dental Photography